Side by Side

Created during my time at Jumbla Academy, the task of this project was to create the opening credits for a hypothetical drama titled “Side by Side”.

The given title made me think of a relationship that stemmed from childhood. To envision this I settled on 2 marbles that roll together through various scenes that show the passing of time.

I love creating backgrounds and combining text with imagery so this project was a real treat.

Music: ‘MGMS Class of 2017’ by Anna Meredith

Style Frames
Design Exploration

I went through various stages before figuring out the design style of ‘flowing kindergarten colours’.

I began by thinking of the stylised linework and colours of certain anime films but realised a more “pastel kindergarten” colouring would go well with the themes of the film. Through a lot of trial, error, and going back to my initial marble inspiration I realised that removing the linework and treating the fills as flowing waves of colour was the right way forward. It gave me a beautiful and unique design style that could work in various settings cohesively.