The Pistol (Selected Work)

A collection of some of my favourite and best performing work created at The Pistol.

House and Land World

This series was created during my time at The Pistol. Using provided scripts I would then (have a tonne of fun) storyboarding, animating, and adding the sound effects.

Inspired by AHM’s humorous ads we aimed to make home buying look easy through the illustrated world of Annie and her dog Scruffy.

Click here to see the full campaign.

headspace Australia

A series of videos I created in collaboration with headspace and The Pistol. Provided a script I created storyboards, character rigs, animation, and sound effects.

Aiming to spread mental health tips, knowledge and support we aimed to create these videos in a compact and digestible format that would do well within the  Youtube ecosystem.

Click here to see the full series.


A series of videos to promote Bottlemart’s seasonal promotions in a fun and engaging way.

Reiss Motivation

An explainer video for The Reiss Motivation Profile

Prime Super

Videos created as part of our social media campaign that educated consumers about their superannuation and promoted the Prime Super fund.


To promote the launching of a new innovative defibrillator we used an illustrated approach to the animations. This served to create a documentary style visual for each video and also softened the impact of the intimidating subject matter.

Vodka Cruiser

An example of one of many fun and captivating ways we promoted the Vodka Cruiser range.

Totally Workwear

Water is coming out of a shoe, better get some new boots!

City Index

A video created with customizability embedded, ready to give stock updates when needed.


An interactive video intended to engage on stories, contains a quite nifty transformation animation.


Water is coming out of a shoe, better get some new boots!


During the no-photoshoots-lockdown era illustrated methods proved invaluable.

Ben and Jerry’s

As simple but effective way to promote new flavours.


Combining hand-drawn and photo elements to add a festive feeling to Uniqlo’s Christmas promotion.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

A video to promote the London Symphony Orchestra coming to Australia